54° North

54° North has been created in homage to our home, Masham, North Yorkshire, which sits on 54’ 13’ 24” N; 1’ 39’ 20” W longitude and latitude lines. Since we brewed our first beer back in 1992, our home has offered us inspiration and support and our new lager embodies the passion we have for this amazing place.

54° North is a Helles Lager brewed using German Pilsner Malt together with Magnum and Polaris hops, as well as the classic German aroma hop, Tettnang. We’ve stayed true to the style, with 54° North offering a balanced pint with a crisp bite and beautifully fresh aroma. Formulated by our creative brewing team and though predominantly German in style, 54° North uses our own yeast strain and pure water from the Yorkshire Dales to give it a Black Sheep spin.

Pale golden
Herbal, Floral
Light Malt, Bitter
Food Matches
Have alongside a beautifully creamy curry.
Water, malted barley(gluten), wheat(gluten), hops.

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