Ember Inns



EDF在线老虎机平台In 2016, we were delighted to begin a partnership with Ember Inns and brew a new cask beer together – Ember Inns Pale Ale.

EDF在线老虎机平台In late 2019, we took on a new challenge with the team at Ember Inns and launched Twilighter in their estate of beautiful pubs.

Available permanently as their house beer across 148 pubs nationwide, Twilighter is a flavour packed, fresh IPA that uses a blend of new world American hops and brewed with the very best Maris Otter malted barley.

EDF在线老虎机平台At 4.0% ABV, Twilighter is a beautifully sessionable pint that’s perfectly balanced and quaffable with fragrant citrus notes blended with a sweet malt base. It goes perfectly with a range of light dishes from the Ember Inns menu. To find your local Ember Inns to go and give Twilighter a try, click .

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